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Introducing a great alternative to gift-giving! There is a St. Paul's Honor Card for each of nine missions and ministries of our parish:

  • Chapter Two Thrift Shop,
  • Children's Ministry,
  • Food Pantry,
  • Ministry of Presence
  • Mission with Jamaica,
  • Music Ministry,
  • St. Paul's Refugee Partnership,
  • Youth Ministry.

Make a donation of at least $10  to one or more of these causes, and receive a beautifully illustrated card to give to the person you choose to honor with your gift.  This is a great way to support the mission and ministry of St. Paul's, while at the same time giving a precious and meaningful gift to a friend or loved one.

Through the various ministries and missions of St. Paul's, we are able to reach out to people within our parish, in our local community, and all over the world, offering education, spiritual formation, pastoral care, food, clothing and other forms of practical assistance.  Most of all we are able to share the love of God with the people we serve, so that God can transform lives in amazing ways.  Every donation made in the support of these ministries and missions, enables us to do even more.  When you make a donation in honor of someone who is important to you, you are touching lives in a wonderful way.

Click here for an Honor Card order form.


OUTREACH Serving the Local Community

Food Pantry

St. Paul’s Food Pantry is located in the Outreach Center on the lower level of the church building, reached from the Centre Street entrance. It provides food and other basic personal care items to people in need, and is staffed by volunteers who shop for food, stock the pantry shelves, and distribute provisions to our clients.  St. Paul's Food Pantry is unique in that clients are able to individually select the food and personal care items that they need during each visit.  The clients recieve one-on-one assistance and each person who comes is welcomed with genuine care and respect.  We understand that we are all children of God and equally precious in God’s sight.

St. Paul's Food Pantry is extremely grateful to its volunteers who contribute countless hours each week.  There are always new volunteer opportunities for anyone interested in joining this rewarding ministry.

The Food Pantry is open Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Kristin Dunklee is the contact.

Chapter Two

Chapter Two is located in the Outreach Center on the lower level of the church building, reached from the Centre Street entrance. It offers a variety of clothing and small household items for sale at affordable prices, and donations of clean, gently used and new clothing are always welcome.  Proceeds from Chapter Two are returned as donations to church ministries and community groups, and there is an active voucher program providing clothing and other necessities to people in need.  Volunteers staff Chapter Two Monday through Thursday from 10 A.M. until 2 P.M.  Kristin Dunklee is the contact.

Friendly Kitchen

On the Third Wednesday of the month a team of volunteers from St. Paul’s is responsible for providing and hosting dinner at The Friendly Kitchen, 2 S. Commercial St. in Concord  This dedicated group prepares, serves and cleans up after a dinner for about 75 individuals from babies to seniors.  Everyone is welcome to partake of the meal, at no cost.  Dinner is served from 5:00 to 6:00 P.M.  Kristin Dunklee is the contact.

If you would like to make a donation to assist The Friendly Kitchen, you can do so online or by sending a check (made out to The Friendly Kitchen) to:

The Friendly Kitchen
2 S. Commercial St., Concord, NH 03301


St. Paul's Refugee Partnership (SPRP)

SPRP connects interested parishioners with opportunities to welcome refugees in our local community.  We work with other parish outreach ministries, such as the Food Pantry and Chapter Two, and we participate in a community-wide initiative of refugee outreach programs working to better streamline services and conserve volunteer efforts in Concord.  Through SPRP, St. Paul's Church members can also work with Lutheran Social Services refugee resettlement agency, a partner of Episcopal Migration Ministries, to welcome and support our new neighbors.  Training is available for anyone wishing to become involved in this ministry.

For more information, send an email to Ministry at St. Paul's with "SPRP" in the subject line.




MISSION Serving Beyond the Local Community

Mission with Jamaica - See Geoff Forester's Jamaica Mission Video

Mission with Jamaica unites St. Paul’s parishioners with citizens of Chantilly, Jamaica. Our purpose is to promote the education of the children of Chantilly and to improve the health of the citizens of Chantilly, especially the children and elderly.

This relationship is based on mutual respect, shared goals and the desire to encourage and challenge each other to fulfill our mission. St. Paul’s has the talent and resources to give to this small community and we benefit from the wisdom and spiritual devotion of the people of Chantilly.

This is a mission that provides real results, opportunities for learning, and spiritual growth. There has been a mission trip nearly every year since the partnership began, with St. Paul’s youth and adults providing basic health and dental care, education, friendship, fellowship and practical assistance to the people of Chantilly.  Through these trips, St. Paul’s youth gain leadership skills and confidence; Chantilly youth experience growth, hope and an understanding of a bigger world.

Some practical projects St. Paul’s has helped with are: building a playground and soccer field, painting the interior of St. Stephen’s Church, and building new bathrooms for the primary school.

St. Paul’s parishioners and friends help fund and staff mission trips and sponsor preschool children’s tuition, uniforms and lunches.  They have also provided medicines, glasses, and school supplies. Local physicians, nurses, dental hygienists, PA’s and educators donate talent and time. Chantilly citizens carry on community work and continue to teach and enrich us.

Children ages 3, 4 and 5 attend the preschool in Chantilly.  Parents are required to buy the child’s uniform and pay some of the tuition. This small requirement is difficult. Most have no income, no electricity and live off the land. Teachers work for low pay and often work for no pay when the money runs out. Through St. Paul’s sponsorships, tuition and lunch have been provided to every child, every year, since our mission began in 1996.

In July 2011, a group of St. Paul's youth and leaders traveled to Jamaica to provide a week-long Vacation Bible School for the children of Chantilly.  CLick here for a letter from one of the adult leaders, describing the experience.

For more information, send an email to Ministry at St. Paul's with "Jamaica" in the subject line.