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Our Diocesan website describes the purpose of a Mutual Ministry Review (MMR) as follows:

  • To celebrate what is going well and to identify what needs attention/change;
  • To give clear and reliable feedback; to speak the truth in love;
  • To identify lay and priestly leadership development needs;
  • To minimize unrealistic expectation;
  • To renew/establish goals and priorities for the next period of time;
  • To deepen rector/vestry relationships and enhance communications for building up the Body.

From the middle of February 2011 until the middle of March, our Vestry members interviewed a large sample of parishioners, using the following thought-provoking questions: 

1)  Tell me about a positive experience you had at St. Paul’s in 2010.  Why was it positive?
2)  What aspects of St. Paul’s excite you that you would share with a friend who is not a part of the congregation?
          Are there barriers at St. Paul’s that make it hard for you to invite a friend to church?
          		If yes, what are they?
 3)  If you have been active at St. Paul’s
          a. For more than 2 years:
          What feels different today than in the past?
          What would you like to see that isn’t present in the parish community?
          b. For less than 2 years:
          What brought you to St. Paul’s and why did you stay?
          What would you like to see that isn’t present in the parish community?
4)  Who do you identify as leaders of St. Paul’s?
          What are they doing well?
          What would you ask them to do differently?
5)  What needs the attention of the rector and vestry now?
6)  What task or goal should be the highest priority for the coming year?


At the end of March 2011, St. Paul's Vestry took part in a two day retreat, facilitated by the Rev. John Denson, focusing on the Mutual Ministry Review interviews conducted with parishioners.  All the answers to the questions were identified for commonalities or surprises, and studied for noteworthy comments and ideas.  When you consider that approximately 75 people were interviewed, you get an idea of the magnitude and importance of this project.


The second phase included the identification and prioritization of themes that emerged from the data, followed by the development of goals under each of the themes. Additionally, the answers to the Table Question at our 2011 Annual Meeting were discussed in depth, as was correspondence pertaining to our endeavors. Then, in order to get a focused list of goals for the next three years in the life of St. Paul's, the vestry again prioritized and subsequently agreed on short-term goals.  The four themes are listed below with links to descriptions of the respective goals.


The four themes developed for: 'St. Paul's: an intentional community of faith' :


1)  We encourage people to find out what is behind the red doors; come as you are, just as you are and here is how and why.

2)  We want to love and be loved; we invite people to experience belonging as we meet their spiritual needs.

3)  As members of the Body of Christ we share responsibility for the mission and ministry of St. Paul's.

4)  We will put our financial situation in proper perspective and live accordingly. Recognizing the financial challenges, we will seek solutions in keeping with our call to make Christ manifest in the world.


On May 22, 2011, the Vestry hosted a lunch at which these four themes were presented as resolutions for the parish, and parishioners were invited to join task forces to ensure their successful implementation. Click here for a report of the event.


On September 25, 2011, the Vestry hosted a second all-parish lunch at which updates were presented by representatives of the four task forces.  Click here for a report of the presentations.


The MMR task forces continue to be active and productive in the life of St. Paul's -- addressing the needs of a vibrant and growing parish.  If you would like to sign up for one or more of the task forces, you can print off this form and bring or send it to St. Paul's Church Office.


With the wholehearted commitment of our parish family, we can ensure that St. Paul's will go from strength to strength.