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On a regular basis, our church works to examine itself and its work.  A part of this process is the Mutual Ministry Review.  The Diocesan website describes the purpose of a Mutual Ministry Review (MMR) as follows:

  • To celebrate what is going well and to identify what needs attention/change;
  • To give clear and reliable feedback; to speak the truth in love;
  • To identify lay and priestly leadership development needs;
  • To minimize unrealistic expectations;
  • To renew/establish goals and priorities for the next period of time;
  • To deepen rector/vestry relationships and enhance communications for building up the Body.

In early 2011, our Vestry members interviewed a large sample of parishioners, asking them thought provoking questions about their life and experiences within the St. Paul’s community, as well as their hopes for the future of the church.

This information was used by the vestry, who in retreat and mindful discussion prayed and worked together to set a course for the church and its programs.

Presented here are the four themes developed for: 'St. Paul's: an intentional community of faith', established as our priorities over these next few years:

1)  We encourage people to find out what is behind the red doors; come as you are, just as you are  - carried out by the Behind the Red Doors team

2)  We want to love and be loved; we invite people to experience belonging as we meet their spiritual needs – carried out by the Love and Be Loved team

3)  As members of the Body of Christ we share responsibility for the mission and ministry of St. Paul's – carried out by the Shared Responsibility team

4)  We will put our financial situation in proper perspective and live accordingly. Recognizing the financial challenges, we will seek solutions in keeping with our call to make Christ manifest in the world – carried out by our Revenue Raisers team

If you are interested in becoming involved with any of our Ministry Teams or would like more information about the various groups that are a part of these teams, please speak with a member of the clergy, or contact the office at St. Paul’s.